NEW Galveston Declaration Facebook group

We have a Galveston Declaration Facebook group!  It’s a good place for sharing new developments and exchanging ideas.  After you’ve signed the Declaration here, come and join the conversation on Facebook.

NEW! German language version of the Galveston Declaration

We now have a German language version of the Galveston Declaration.  To get it, you can go to ‘Read the Declaration’ and click on the German flag.  Or you can just click here for the German version in PDF.

‘I signed the Galveston Declaration’ website badge now available

Signed the declaration? You can now proudly proclaim this from your website with our new badge.  Just add this code to your website:

<a href=”“><img src=”” width=”200px”></a>


Site is now in beta testing – please join us and sign the declaration

This website supports the Galveston Declaration of 2016, which is still waiting to be officially launched in a paper in the Journal of Systemic Therapies.  As such the site is in beta testing – it should all work, you are very welcome to sign the declaration here, and please let us know of any glitches or problems that you have.  Thank you!

Mark McKergow, co-signatory and website owner, Galveston Declaration